Project Description

5.10.2019 / 20.00 Uhr

Plays: 6.10.2019 um 11.00 und 18.00 Uhr / 7.10. und 9.10. und 10.10.2019 jeweils 20.00 Uhr

Autumn 2019 – Autumn 2021: Tournee Wien – Theater Kosmos / Izmir / Jerusalem / Cairo, Alexandria…

A production by 2019 in cooperation with Montforthaus Feldkirch.



The story of the Austrian dancer Therese Zauser.

A biographical, multimedia theater project with international connections.

Therese Zauser, born in Feldkirch in 1910, left her small town in western Austria at the age of 19, became an artist and traveled through North Africa and the Mediterranean countries to work as a singer and dancer in variety shows and clubs. She adopted the stage name Therese Judith Jansen or Judit Jessie Zauser and described herself as ‘Danseuse et chanteuse fantaisiste’.

The main stations were Sophia (Bulgaria), Izmir (Turkey), Nicosia (Cyprus); Port Said, Alexandria, Cairo, Suez (Egypt); Damascus (Syria), Baghdad (Iraq), Tehran (Iran), Malta, Oran, Algiers (Algeria); Casablanca, Fez, Tangier (Morocco), Dakar (Senegal), Lisbon (Portugal), Stuttgart, Wilhelmshaven, Prague, Graz, Budweis, Reichenberg.

Therese always traveled alone, her engagements usually lasted only a few weeks and she always had to worry about her next appearances. The relevant establishments bore sonorous names: Korso Tabarin, Casino Bella Vista, Le Florida, Au Pavillon Chinois, Dancing Perroquet, Constantine, Cabaret Arcadia and many more.

She also felt the National Socialist takeover of power in North Africa: On September 17, 1938, she wrote from Tangier to her brother Karl: „I have had nothing to laugh about since I became German.“

From January 1939, Therese mainly appeared in Lisbon, was shown there after a prison term and sought engagements in Germany and in film. Without success. Further appearances in Saarbrücken, Frankfurt and Wilhelmshaven followed. Therese Zauser was denounced for hostile statements against the Nazi regime and immediately arrested, taken to Hamburg-Hütten and finally deported to the Ravensbrück concentration camp in October 1941. On February 11, 1942, Therese Zauser was murdered in the Ravensbrück concentration camp.

It is the intention of this project to trace the paths and life of Therese Zauser and to get a picture of her, the cities around the Mediterranean, the colonial ‚Belle Epoque‘ and today’s views of places with a European past. The search for traces travels historical paths with contemporary cinematic and theatrical means that create a present where a past was murdered in the Ravensbrück concentration camp.


Staging: Brigitte Walk

Text: Nadine Kegele

Equipment: Sandra Münchow

Composition: Marcus Nigsch

Acting: Laura Mitzkus | Peter Bocek

Video: Said Afifi, Cem Bariscan , Bouthaina Alila Fabach, Anna Fotiadou, Omnia Sabry | Sarah Mistura

Technology: Matthias Zuggal

Buildings: Roland Adlassnigg

Tour Guide: Mareike Windorf

Production Management: Beate Buchsbaum | Philomena Juen | Suat Ünaldi

Photos: Sarah Mistura | Mark Mosman 

Coaches Dance, Step, Magic: Elisabeth Orlowsky / Dagmar Benda / Jürgen Peter

Mask: Sandra Wartenberg

Design: sägenvier designkommunikation



Said Afifi, Cem Bariscan , Bouthaina Alila Fabach, Anna Fotiadou, Omnia Sabry | Sarah Mistura